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Weddings are special occasions. It’s a blissful experience to find the one who is your soul-mate and celebrate this wonderful gift from god in the form of a wedding. We at Memory Makerz Group provide a range of the perfect choice of spacious venues to choose from. The beautiful big venues range from the luxurious Banquet Halls to wide spread outdoor party lawns. Decoration in a contemporary style combined with traditional aesthetics and elegance to lend the perfect ambiance for your dream celebration. Hosting of all the family and friends with a personal touch, makes them feel like a private affair. And the most authentic and delicious, mouth watering caterings puts a cherry on the cake.

To plan the wedding of your dreams at Memory Makerz, contact our team of dedicated wedding specialists for a tailored proposal.



Ideas for Wedding Planning
Plannings go along way. we help you to catch up the latest trends, colors designing and decorations for your big day. Your big day ought to be BIG. Ensure your special day goes without a hitch with our foolproof plannings.
From venues to the guest list, we’ve got the wedding planning tips to ensure your big day is glitch free. On the other hand wedding planning can be a very complicated and involved process but when we’re here to help you need not worry. We know every aspect of weddings. We’ve manged to help many weddings and can tell you something :- the best weddings are the ones that have been planned to perfection. Every wedding is a special, unique and often surreal experience, and one that you might not know much about. Starting from looking for a partner to the honeymoon trips everything can seem daunting but with the right planning team your wedding doesn’t have to be a massive headache.
We have put together the most useful wedding planning specialists you’ll find anywhere. With us, you’ll turn from a novice into a master wedding planner. From sorting out the budget to finding your venue and planning the party, we’ve got everything that you need to plan the perfect day and making sure that everything runs smoothly. We assure you the best of Wedding services and a wedding you dreamed of.
Wedding Plan
Plan your wedding, whether you have two years or three months to do it, can be stressful. We make endless lists in your head (or on a scrap of paper) not to forget them minutes later, and our Ultimate Wedding Checklist is for you. A step-by-step wedding planning timeline of all the main things you need to do to pull off a fabulous wedding day. Wedding plan can be daunting; doing research, managing a budget, and working out what to do when.
So we created a full downloadable list of all the essential things you will need to do, from finding a wedding venue to going dress shopping, and planning a honeymoon to organising the RSVP list. The list is a basic timeline based on a pre decided engagements and planning time, running through the typical timeframes for researching and booking different elements. No doubt each wedding is different – but we’ve shown people for whom we have organized their whole wedding in just 10 weeks where others take two years. You decide the date, we complete your private affair gracefully.
Financial Blueprint
With the wedding costing which has no limitations, we understand that managing your money is a huge priority and that you want to be as cost-effective as possible. Our wedding budget and financial advice is to help you make the most of your cash – Just because it’s your dream wedding, it doesn’t have to bust the bank.
We understand your budget first and then within that budget we give you all the best Options for everything which includes Venue, Catering, Decoration, Dress up, gifts etc etc which fit in.
Best Wedding venues for budgeted and grand weddings.


Equipped with state-of-the-art elements and backed by wedding expertise, your wedding becomes our private affair. We give the best convention venues which are perfect for weddings and other functions for enormous.
sit down dinners.Any kind of Decorations with a belief that speaks flair and elegance, necessary to leave an everlasting impression on all. Catering of the best and mouth watering dishes on the go. We take care of all your guests and we complete charge of your bride or Groom. The functions go so well organized as we leave no stone upturned.memory Makerz has built its own archetype position in the industry with niche Clients.