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Weddings are special occasions. It’s a blissful experience to find the one who is your soul-mate and celebrate this wonderful gift from god in the form of a wedding. We at Memory Makerz Group provide a range of the perfect choice of spacious venues to choose from. The beautiful big venues range from the luxurious Banquet Halls to wide spread outdoor party lawns. Decoration in a contemporary style combined with traditional aesthetics and elegance to lend the perfect ambiance for your dream celebration. Hosting of all the family and friends with a personal touch, makes them feel like a private affair. And the most authentic and delicious, mouth watering caterings puts a cherry on the cake.

To plan the Theme for the Wedding of your dreams connect with Memory Makerz, contact our best Theme Wedding Specialists and dedicated team for a tailored proposal.



Ideas for Theme Wedding
Theme Weddings are becoming popular day by day as couples are getting bored to forgo the same traditions and rituals of getting married in the same old style, instead are choosing to exchange their vows in beautiful latest trendy themes.
Theme wedding is appealing, but if you aren’t entirely sure of the latest themes and trends and a big white wedding, connect to Memory Makerz to make things extremely simple of a theme wedding to help you choose your mind:
With us your theme wedding will look extravagant yet cheap and hassle free than a traditional wedding at home. We help you celebrate the entire wedding in a style. A starry night, colors all around, Wedding like Mughals or Cinderella or what not. Just dream and we give you your desired wedding style,
you just focus on enjoying yourself with your preparations and the wedding party.
Theme Wedding is made much easier with a range of themes. Go for an all inclusive package with us. And above this, we won’t have you run to choose the best endless suppliers,
do negotiations on everything right from the catering to the decoration and entertainments as all this will be handled for you by our wedding coordinator and the team at your destination.
Our Theme weddings are something different from the standard same old traditional weddings your friends may have had back home for years together. Having a unique taste as a stunning theme wedding is a dream of every couple, we incorporate your customized traditions, decorations, and cuisine into your ceremony and reception.
There are numerous Theme wedding ideas and plans that make your wedding unique and special in its own way.
A Theme wedding budget works out the same as regular based wedding. The special customized arrangements and the cut in expensive wedding customs and never ending items helps to make it even more economical.
With many suggestions giving in the wedding ceremony for cheaper price, you end up only spending a little more than the cost of an average wedding.
Theme Wedding Plan
Once we help you choose your ideal wedding theme, the next step is to figure out how to plan a dream into a reality wedding.
It is something that has to be super imaginative as well as super creative that makes the super special occasion memorable and the guests
take home with them the imaginative theme in their minds and your wedding becomes one which no one can ever forget.
Wedding on a specific theme means you are heading for a much more enthusiastic and intimate ceremony and can basically enjoy a wedding and a fairy tale too.
But, before you decide a theme for your Theme Wedding to marry your soulmate, we have some important details to consider as you start planning a your wedding.
Meet our expert to offers the top tips for how to plan a Theme wedding no matter what in the world you choose and follow a few things we tailor made for you.
1. We help you choose an amazing and exciting Theme
Keeping in mind that your dream and thoughts we prepare all of the amenities you need.
Good hotels to choose from where we can work on our selected theme and surprise all your guests.
#. Preparations and confirmations of decorations and props well in Advance
This is one of the most important Theme wedding plan.
We need to give you the best and exact theme so it requires to confirm their availability and if they can have to be tailor made for your occasion.
#. Embrace the Setting to Save Big
We slash your budget by incorporating local availabilities. And plan for things without which it cannot be good.
#. We do our part.
With us to take care of everything you dont have to spend hours on google,
Face issues in selecting or making executive decisions about decorations and ceremony site.
Very Close to you, you have your own expert on hand to take care of it all for you.
With a planner in your budget you save cost on almost everything.
#. Visit in Advance
We take you to visit your venue once before booking and finalizing details.
We tend to reach close for everything to be of your taste at least few days early to make those decisions on your behalf and arrange things for you.
#. You decide your Vendors in Person
In advance of your preparations, we set up meetings with the best known decorates and rental venues at your weddings.
#. Budget for Vendors
We bring specialists and give what you expect us to cover your costs if that lowers the budget for you.
We Negotiate these expenses up front so things don’t get out of control.
Financial Blueprint
Planning a theme wedding of your dream seems an exclusively romantic and attractive proposition. This practice is a boom nowadays.
It is not just refreshing for newlyweds but also provides a good feeling and a different experience for guests.
Its definitely tempting to plan such a wedding. but, to execute it successfully and gracefully to the last possible details is not a cakewalk. And that too when you have a limited budget.
We help you with a few tips to pull it off comfortably.
#We discuss and decide the budget carefully with you. While doing so, we need to keep in mind all the planning details.
# Finalize a perfect location for you, We give you many options with the complete details of each.
# Planning before hand and making bookings in advance saves our cost, as immediate bookings are expensive.
# We need to know your priorities of important things so as to plan in a cost effect way.
# We use a minimal wedding decor the best way to look graceful but cheap.
# You can have the opportunity to check out for our best packages

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Theme Weddings carry special expectations. It’s a blissful experience to find the one who is your soul-mate and to celebrate this wonderful gift from god in the best possible style Wedding.
We at Memory Makerz Group provide a flawless theme wedding near or away from home.
A range of beautiful venues from the luxurious Banquet Halls to wide spread outdoor party lawns at your choice.
Decoration in a contemporary style to exactly match the theme chosen combined with traditional aesthetics and elegance to lend the perfect ambiance for your dream celebration.
Hosting of all the family and friends with a personal touch, makes them feel special and cared for at your theme wedding.
And the cuisine, touches the theme makes the guests have their favorite food with a touch of the decided theme and thus puts a cherry on the cake.