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Memory Makerz Event management is about creating and executing large-scale or even smaller events in the best presentable manner within your budget. As it may include conferences, conventions, concerts, trade shows, promotions, branding, M.I.C.E, festivals, and ceremonies. We identify to target connected audience, the event concept is formulated, the overall event logistics are planned and project management as a whole of the event are conducted. The entire teams of experts responsible for each element are managed to calculate the budget, and see the execution of the event on a border aspect.

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We always suggest to be ahead of time when it comes to preparations for exhibitions anywhere in India.
A complete Plan is a must for all kinds of Exhibitions, big or small, near or far. Innovative ideas make it possible for any kind of Exhibitions to be at its best
and whole sum where the basic concept of Exhibiting is to reach the targeted audience and hit it there with the most amazing and catchy stalls.
So give us an opportunity to do it all for you, from plannings to preparations to execution we fill all the colors for you.
Jot down our classy stall ideas and plans that will save all your worries. And again leave the PRE and after-event exhaustion to us!
Our specialist teams works day in and day out for your exhibition to be the best and flawless. After the plannings are done, preparations start.
We need to plan each and every aspect for which our well experienced Exhibition specialists team is at your service.
The arrangements of all the elements are made and then the execution begins.
We help you choose your ideal Exhibition venue keeping in mind all the aspects needed, the next step is to figure out how to plan your stalls and how to fabricate them in a unique way so as to have a real flawless show.
It is something that has to be extra thought about as it holds the reputation of your Products and Ideas and on the other hand it should be super creative that makes the exhibition memorable and the crowd takes
home with them the imaginative extravagant impression of your Stalls in their minds and
your exhibitions becomes an event which no one can ever forget.
Exhibitions are promoting events as such the stall set ups, lights, sound and other effects should be breathtaking and catchy to the crowd.
The style should take all the attentions of the people gathered to itself. And it should head for a much more enthusiastic and efficiency based footfall.
The Display must allow everyone to basically understand the concept of the Product exhibition, trends and styles and the organization too.
But, before you start, we have some important details to consider as you start planning your Exhibition Stalling.
Meet our experts to offers the top tips for how to plan an Exhibition no matter big or small and follow a few things we tailor made for you.
1. We help you choose an appropriate venue.
Keeping in mind the base lines of the Show we choose the place accordingly and prepare all of the amenities you need.
Good Venues to choose from where we can work on your prospective and accomplish all the detailing.
#. Preparations and confirmations of guests and attendees well in Advance
This is one of the most important planning.
We need to give the best and so it requires to confirm their availability as the things are then tailor made as accordingly.
#. Embrace the Setting to Save Big
We slash your budget by incorporating paneled venues and other availabilities. And plan for things without which it cannot be good.
#. We do our part.
With us to take care of everything you dont have to spend hours of working on it,
face issues in selecting or making executive decisions about product display and Stall settings.
Very Close to you, you have your own expert on hand to take care of it all for you.
With a planner in your budget you save cost on almost everything.
#. Visit in Advance
We take you to visit your venue once before booking and finalizing details.
We tend to reach close for everything to be of your perceptions at least few days early to make those decisions on your behalf and arrange things for you.
#. Budget for Vendors
We bring specialists and give what you expect us to cover your costs if that lowers the budget for you.
We Negotiate these expenses up front so things don’t get out of control.
Planning a Exhibition within the fixed budget is a challenge that we propose.
We give you the best of the logistics so that you are also in a frame of mind at ease.
Its definitely challenging to plan and execute a show of high scale. And to execute it successfully and gracefully to the last possible details is not a cakewalk.
And that too when you have a limited budget.
We help you with a few tips to pull it off comfortably.
# We discuss and decide the budget carefully with you. While doing so, we need to keep in mind all the planning details.
# Finalize a perfect location for you, We give you many options with the complete details of each.
# Planning before hand and making bookings in advance saves our cost, as immediate bookings are expensive.
# We need to know your priorities of important things so as to plan in a cost effect way.
#We take the opportunity to give the best but cheap.
# You can have the opportunity to check out for our best Exhibition and stall packages.

Your Exhibiting our Displays

Along with providing a complete coverage on the elements of an Exhibition, we supervise the services of all outside vendors and professionals
so as to have a smooth flowing event. Our responsibilities cover up selecting the best venue and reserving the same for you on time,
Managing vendors professionally, Engaging Emcees, or entertainers, manpower,
providing transportation and valet parking, Obtaining necessary permissions and licenses, Handling all safety standards carefully,
Arranging all security with the security plan, Monitoring each and every aspect of the event to give you the best organized Exhibition show you have ever had.